Bri-Mel Farm believes in stallions.

Only stallions that meet demanding criteria are allowed to stand at Bri-Mel Farm. Stallions can be very loving and devoted animals; however they need clear guidelines on what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. In fact they want to be directed. When they clearly understand their position they become very willing and will do anything for you. This willingness and their presence and conformation are what makes them the ideal show horse.

There is one caution you should bear in mind however – not all male horses qualify to be stallions. Firstly they must have exceptional qualities to offer the breeding program, and preferrably be able to throw certain qualities on every mare they are bred to (ie be stamp stallions). You should be able to identify the sire of a horse based on its inherited characteristics and qualities. The stallion’s qualities must not overpower those of the mare, just enhance them, and never lessen them.

Stallions must have a strong pedigree, either breed, infusement, or breed with infusement qualities. Pedigree is what ensures temperament, ridability, conformation and type.

Not all stallions suit all mares, so this should be carefully researched. Stallions should be chosen according to what you want to produce in the offspring.

Stallions are herd animals, and should never be isolated. Instead they should be housed with other stallions and geldings, where they can play and spar.

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